¡Vamos a hacer el Indi!

¡Vamos a hacer el Indi!

Me informa Loveof74 de que...¡Vuelve Slumberland Records!

Slumberland Records Return

Slumberland are back with their first releases for over three years.

There are two new 7" singles from The How and The Crabapples. The former are Matt (Henry’s Dress) and Stewie (Boyracer) whilst the latter features members of indie mp3 faves The Frenchmen and Black Tambourine.

Both singles are available direct from the label.

The How - I Was A Boy
The Crabapples - London Belongs To Me, Pt 2

2 comentarios

Ismail II -

guau!, henry's dress y boyracer son dos de lOS grupos que mas escucho ahora mismo, no sabía que existía "The hOW"

Miguel -

Uno nuevo de The HOW!!!!
A por él!!!!